[New Magic Item] Tokens of the Wild

Tokens of the Wild

Navnen ran with the stolen amulets. He wasn’t sure how to use them, but he knew there was magic, and value, to them.

Two pursuing thieves were just behind Navnen, they were confused at a fork in the alley.

‘He is dangerous with those amulets,’ the taller thief said.

‘Not if he doesn’t know how to use them,’ commented the shorter thief.

‘As long as we don’t tell him to put a drop of blood on the one he wants to use we are safe,’ the taller thief said with a smile.

A muffled snicker could be heard from not too far away.

‘You idiot!’ shouted the shorter thief as a roaring bear could suddenly be heard.

These three tokens are believed to be part of a set that once included six tokens, each with a different animal. If true, the three missing tokens are a mystery that may well worth be investigated and solved. Many druids are annoyed by these tokens being used.

Benefit: With a drop of a person’s blood one of three creatures may be summoned for one hour each day or until the summoner dismisses the creature. The tokens are as follows:

Bear: Summons a dire bear with maximum HD that will fight for the bearer of the amulet or carry them as a mount or even break down some barrier for the amulet’s owner. Claw or bite attack deals 1d8 damage.
Bat: This token calls forth a giant bat with maximum HD. This huge bat may carry two human sized figures for one hour and can attack with claws or bite for 1d8 hp of damage.
Turtle: Brings a giant turtle from the deep that serves the amulet’s owner for one hour. By touching or riding this turtle one can breathe underwater (as the spell) and dive to great depths without any ill physical effects for up to one hour per day. Turtle has 5HD and deals 1d8 damage with a snapping bite attack.

Usable by: Anyone.

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