[New Magic Item] Snake Necklace

Snake Necklace

Valance and Chalk sat playing cards in the small house the adventurer’s shared. Suddenly a creepy looking spider climbed up Valance’s robes and crawled up to his ear. The priest of the Spider God gave an almost imperceptible nod and the tiny spider scuttled away.

Chalk looked over at the priest.

‘Have a spy reading my cards?’ he asked.

‘Even worse. Behind you in the shadows is a strange type of serpent,’ Valance whispered. Still, his voice was loud enough that there was a rustling in the corner behind Chalk.

‘Quickly!’ Valance urged.

But too late, even as Chalk tried to catch the odd snake it slithered out the window.

They exchanged glances.

‘Yes,’ Valance said,’ we sleep in shifts tonight.’

An ancient and very useful relic, it is dangerous to own if any serpentfolk are about as they do not like anyone, especially the warm-blooded, using their things. Often used as a spy, this magic item is quite useful if handled correctly.

Benefit: When taken off of the neck the Snake Necklace can become a snake of the necklace owner’s desire and the serpent will do his or her bidding for up to one hour per day. The type of snake and its attributes vary and if the serpent is sent into combat and defeated it will revert to its necklace form, only broken, and will need to be magically mended. The serpent obeys commands and can speak (Int 12), so is a great spy for its owner.

Usable by: Anyone.

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