[New Magic Item] Horn of the Barnyard

Horn of the Barnyard

Valance spit out a mouthful of hay and smirked at Navnen.

‘Is that funny to you?’ the priest of the spider God asked.

Chalk stood up from rooting around on the ground, as did Koram, all glared at the thief.

‘Honestly, guys, I didn’t believe it really worked,’ the thief replied.

‘Next time, why not experiment on people not your friends?’ Chalk suggested.

‘Probably the best way to keep spiders off of your pillow,’ Valance said cryptically

Made by a cursed ram’s horn, this devious magic item is favored by bandits, burglars and other ne’er-do-wells that like to leave virtually no trail behind them and no recollection of who they are. Thought to be how the legendary bandit king Rolenverd amassed great wealth.

Benefit: As this horn is sounded all within listening distance except the one blowing the horn (not for those with this person: stuff something in your ears) will be transformed into common barnyard animals (goats, sheep, swine) until either sun-up or sundown, depending on the time of day. In animal form those transformed will not have their mental attributes and will not remember anything of the event. Conversely, if the one who sounds the horn or one with them harms any of those transformed into animals in animal form they will suffer a terrible curse (use random curse). Note, the deaf and any intelligent creature already in animal form (any animal) as well as supernatural creatures, are immune to this effect.

Usable by: Anyone.

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