[New Spell] Druid’s Ward

Druid’s Ward


Valance and Chalk sulked outside of the small cottage, unable to enter. Navnen and Koram had no problem getting inside the small dwelling.

Knat the druidess poked her head out of a window.

‘Sorry boys, making plans for Valance’s birthday and couldn’t have him eavesdropping.’ she said.

‘But it isn’t my birthday, why can’t I come in?’ Chalk asked.

‘Also testing this new spell, thanks, boys, it works well,’ Knat replied.

‘Cards?’ the priest of the Spider God asked Chalk.

The wizard grumbled.


Druid’s Ward (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 10’x10′ +5’/level of caster

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until dispelled.

This druid spell restricts other spellcasters from entering an area. Any-non-druid attempting to enter this zone must make a Saving Throw versus Spells at -3. Often cast at druid lodges and groves to maintain a ‘druid only’ area for spellcasting. Non-spellcasters are not effected as this spell was mainly designed to discourage necromancers and those who cast deceptive magic, which many druids abhor.

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