[New Magic Item] Ring of Attracting and Reflecting

Ring of Attracting and Reflecting

Stork the wizard grimaced as his spell was suddenly reflected back at him. Green fire engulfed the spellcaster and singed his eyebrows. Vistis the Blue Mage cast his own spell at the gnome who screamed in terror as large beetles charged the demihuman and tried clawing and biting him.

Without waiting Stork threw a sharp dagger at the gnome who screamed as the weapon caught him by the shoulder. The gnome staggered off into the brush obviously wounded badly.

‘We should try to be out of these woods by before that gnome brings back reinforcements,’ Vistis suggested.

‘I agree,’ Stork replied. ‘I’m just glad I didn’t have a more sinister spell bounce back at me.’

A favorite ring for leaders to give to the court wizard or sorceress, adventurers also covet these magic rings, especially if found in pairs, in which case a duo often elects to either protect each other or have one focus on an ally and another on an enemy.

Benefit: When worn this ring allows the wearer to choose one person at a time to receive benefits from helpful spells cast within 30′ of the target and to reflect (75% chance for non-spellcasters, 85% chance if the ring is worn by a spellcaster) harmful magic back to the caster, or to cause the opposite to happen to an enemy (harmful magic hits the target and helpful magic will fail as the percentages above). The only stipulation is that the ring’s wearer cannot use these benefits themselves, but only to help or hinder another. Usable twice per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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