[New Spell] Unexpected Slumber

Unexpected Slumber


Koram watched the small birds fluttering and chirping in the trees. A sparrow swooped down from a high branch and landed on his shoulder. Without warning it pecked his neck. Waves of drowsiness washed over the fighter as he turned slowly to the others.

‘Did you see…’ he began before dropping to the ground asleep.

Valance and the others rushed over to the sleeping Koram.

Chalk shook the fighter vigorously and he started to stir.

‘A small bird did this,’ Valance said. ‘ You just can’t trust anything.’

Navnen drew two blades and stared out into the trees.

‘It was magic that did this, the bird was just the messenger,’ the thief whispered.

Then the bandits attacked.


Unexpected Slumber (Druid)

Level 4

Range: 1 mile/level of druid

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until dispelled.

This obscure druid spell causes a small creature (from the size of a mouse/sparrow to the size of a house cat/small dog) to have envenomed claws or teeth/beak that will deliver a version of the Sleep spell that causes extreme drowsiness (Save at -2). While the subject can be shaken awake, he or she will still be -2 on all rolls for the duration of the spell unless it is properly dispelled. However, anyone who rests for this period of time is in such a deep sleep that natural healing rates double. The small animal carrying this spell has normal statistics and attacks normally

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