[New Magic Item] Dreaded Orc-blade

Dreaded Orc-blade

The two thieves fought across the rooftops, exchanging punches, kicks and dagger blows. Bedraggled and bleeding, Navnen was starting to flag. Summoning the last of his strength the thief saw an opportunity and turned his opponent’s blade against him. Two, three, four times the magical blade punctured the bandit’s leather armor.

‘What have you done?’ the other thief snarled as he sank to the ground, twitching and helpless.

Navnen watched in horror as, over the course of several minutes, his opponent began to transform, his features become more porcine and bestial until eventually he resembled an orc, which Navnen decided was a fate worse than death.

Securing the blade in his belt Navnen quickly left his worthy human opponent, now a feral orc to his own devices in the city.

Allegedly a gift to an orc warlord by a grateful evil archmage, this seemingly minor magic item can totally ruin a party of adventurers.

Benefit: In combat this dagger is sometimes used for the ‘finishing touch’. Dealing 1d4+2 points of magical damage, the worst aspect of the Dreaded Orc-blade isn’t that it might kill you, it is that it won’t kill you. Anyone brought to zero hit points by this blade (for the magic to kick in this knife must strike the ‘killing blow’, not just be a part of the damage) will be transformed in one turn (ten minutes) into an orc with the same physical abilities and class skills as the original character. Mental attributes remain the same. As an orc the subject generally goes insane and becomes evil, although not all do, some try to become accepted into society, which rarely works and often leads the affected to be ostracized and exiled, which leads them to take over a gang of orcs or similar creatures and fight against civilization. A Wish or Limited Wish will reverse this horrible magic.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a dagger.

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