[New Spell] What was your Doom?

What was your Doom?


The hired cleric looked bored just before casting her spell.

‘Plague, plague, plague, plague, dagger, plague,’ she rattled off to the others.

‘Did you say dagger?’ Fellhorn asked.

The elf and gnome exchanged glances.

‘Yes, the fighter over there was killed by a dagger,’ affirmed the cleric.

Fellhorn tossed a small bag of coins at the priestess, she deftly caught them.

‘Is that all?’ she asked.

‘Yes, until next time,’ Fellhorn replied.

‘Dagger?’ the elf said after the cleric was gone.

‘At least we which corpse we can safely roll,’ squeaked the gnome.


What was your Doom? (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Line of sight.

Duration: Five minutes/level.

This cleric spell causes a small icon to appear over all dead bodies in the invoker’s line of sight that reveals what killed any of the corpses present, of both sentient and non-sentient creatures. This spell is often used before rushing into an area where a known plague or menace is known to be.

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