[New Encounter] The Blue Dwarfs of Mnern

The Blue Dwarfs of Mnern

Koram returned to the inn’s private room with a quartet of sickly looking blue dwarfs in tow.

‘What is this?’ asked Valance.

‘I met these dwarfs near the armorer’s shop and they need work, they can be porters and keep watch at night,’ the fighter replied.

‘Why are they blue?’ Chalk asked. ‘Not just their skin and beards, but their clothes too? Is this some weird dwarf cult?’

‘Nah, just a curse or something,’ mumbled Koram.

‘Curse! You bring us cursed dwarfs to work for us?’ asked Navnen the thief.

‘We work really cheap, for bronze and copper coins,’ one of the dwarfs said.

The thief, wizard and priest of the Spider God took a moment to contemplate this.

Cursed by an evil deity, the Blue Dwarfs of Mnern wander the land in small packs, doing their best to ingratiate themselves to others to lift the foul magic laid upon them by a god of avarice appalled by their greed and ability to covet and hoard. In appearance the Blue Dwarfs of Mnern are a pale, ghastly blue, even their beards are a dark indigo. Dressed shabbily and almost begging for a task, these pitiful creatures long for their freedom and rue the day they tempted fate and lost.

In the game: In numbers of 1d6 these creatures come, looking for work, any work. The curse these dwarfs bear is that any job they accept they must accept payment in the lowest coins that there are, brass or bronze and copper in most places. Each dwarf must accrue 1500 gold pieces in these coins to be free, at which point they lose their blue tinge and regain their former appearance. While working menial jobs to this end each dwarf must also carry every coin on their person, until they reach their goal in addition to any other burdens they must carry to do their work as porters, lantern holders or soldiers. These dwarfs, regardless of abilities before their curse, fight and save as 3rd level fighters with non-magical short swords and shields, often wearing studded leather or chain mail armor and 16 hit points each.

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1 Response to [New Encounter] The Blue Dwarfs of Mnern

  1. eltf177 says:

    They must have been VERY greedy to have such a curse placed on them, where the conditions for release are all but impossible to meet…

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