[New Spell] My Hidden Past

My Hidden Past


The city guardsmen had lined up the men they rounded up.

‘Certainly one of them is the bandit king,’ the sargeant told the captain.

‘The bandit king has a scar across his face from my sword, he should be easy to find,’ replied the captain as he strolled down the line of rogues. None bore a scar which caused the captain to frown.

‘How could he have slipped away?’ the sergeant asked.

‘It seems impossible. Offer these ne’er-do-wells a thousand gold pieces for the bandit king’s whereabouts,’ the captain said sternly.

One of the bandits began sweating profusely, hoping that the dirt and grime in addition to the spell that concealed his scar were enough to keep him from being recognized. Then he had to figure out how to avoid being turned in for the reward….


My Hidden Past (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour/level or until dispelled.


This illusionist spell portrays the subject of the spell as he or she would be without scars, brands, abrasions or even missing eye(s), limb(s), or any other distinguishing marks. While the target of the spell can see and control any missing limb, this is merely an illusion and nothing can be picked up or affected by the limb just as a missing eye can be seen, but cannot see.

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