[New Magic Item] Doom Potion

Doom Potion

Fellhorn winced as more porters dropped their burdens and fled, some screaming or mumbling, others flailing their arms as they ran.

‘Next time would you get hirelings with a little more backbone?’ he asked the gnome. ‘Now we have to coax them back to work, and that won’t be easy.’

‘I did my best with what that town had to offer,’ the gnome snapped back.

The elf sighed heavily and started after the fleeing humans to get them to return.

Deep in the nearby underbrush two dwarf adventurers snickered to themselves. Now they would get to the ruins before these interlopers.

A simple and sinister elixir that is often used by saboteurs and rivals to scare away all minor characters in an area, causing anyone using henchmen or hirelings some consternation as they try to coax the frightened back to work.

Benefit: This potion lasts for one hour, anyone who takes a drink causes all within 30′ under 2 HD to make a save versus Poison at -1 to remain unaffected. Any who fail flee the area and will not return for up to three hours, feeling an overwhelming sense of gloom and impending doom in the vicinity. This often slows down adventuring parties and other groups out in the wilds or even in an urban setting that are relying on the help of porters, henchmen and hirelings or are lower level themselves.

Usable by: Anyone.

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