[New Magic Item] Crow’s Eye View Ring

Crow’s Eye View Ring

‘I think I see a pile of coins,’ the elf muttered.

‘Coins?’ the druid and gnome asked in unison.

‘Due east about a half a mile,’ the elf mumbled.

The druid and gnome looked at each other and slowly started ambling eastward.

Moments later the elf shook off the magic of his ring and headed west.

‘I knew I couldn’t trust those idiots,’ he said to himself.

This silver magical ring is in the shape of a stylized raven or crow’s skull. Origin of this enchanted item is unknown, but many an adventuring party (and group of bandits, wizards on the run and others needing to know what is happening around them) have made good use of this ring.

Benefit: Once per day this magical ring may be used. The wearer must sit or lie down and concentrate totally to use this magic. For twenty minutes the subject may send his or her spirit flying roughly 30-40 feet off of the ground and can spy the earth below as a corvid, noticing any creatures, obstacles, paths and shiny things below. While concentrating the ring’s wearer can communicate what he or she sees verbally.

Usable by: Anyone.

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