[New Spell] Cast Stones Upon Me!

Cast Stones Upon Me!


The mob outside was growing, a rock was thrown through the window.

‘Looks like we have worn out our welcome,’ Navnen said gravely.

‘I started this, I do have a spell that will handle it, just sit tight,’ Valance told the others.

The priest of the Spider God mumbled a spell and took a deep breath. He nodded to his companions then flung the door open and strode confidently outside.

‘I can’t bear to watch,’ Chalk said.

Navnen looked out the window.

The crowd screamed, rocks pelted the priest of the Spider God.

‘He’s laughing at them,’ the thief reported.

A renewed effort from the crowd didn’t help their cause as Valance seemed not only impervious to their stones, but was absolutely fearless, and now spiders were appearing from everywhere to nip and bite the peasants.

Several minutes later Valance returned, calm, unhurt.

‘I’m hungry, are we going to eat soon?’ he asked as the others looked at each other baffled.


Cast Stones Upon Me! (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch or Self.

Duration: Two turns (twenty minutes).

Not always needed, but very useful when it is needed, this spell causes all objects thrown at the subject (this includes stones from slings, but not arrows or crossbow bolts) to give the target 1 hit point temporarily rather than doing any damage. These additional hit points wear off two turns after the spell expires and any damage taken is deducted from these ‘extra’ hit points rather than the subject’s actual hit point pool.

Note: The gods are not foolish. If this spell is used against the basic wishes of the deity of the caster (such as on the sworn enemy of the deity without a very good reason) the next time the caster is in combat with missile weapons all hits from missile weapons automatically hit and do double damage.

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