[New Magic Item] Peasant’s Ring

Peasant’s Ring

The hobgoblins overran the small fort and were gaining ground thanks to the bugbear mercenaries.

‘Loyal Varnol, if you survive, please find me, I will lead the charge and do not expect victory,’ the prince told his man-at-arms.

Varnol nodded and prepared to bolt on the prince’s command through a secret door. The prince gave the man a salute and he made a run for the trees, arrows flying all around but not striking the man-at-arms. Varnol met up with the small contingent that the prince held back.

‘Another losing battle?’ one of the men asked as Varnol approached.

‘Looks like it,’ the man-at-arms replied.

‘Your loyalty is a thing worthy of song,’ the man said.

Varnol smiled.

‘Merely a duty to a man that would make a great king. Not many people of royal blood would lead a charge into battle that they knew they would lose,’ he said.

‘And as long as we find him he will remain a prince,’ the other man replied.

This ring is a blessing because it can obviously save one’s life, and a bit of a curse if you aren’t found in time….

Benefit: When the mortal strike hits the wearer of this ring disappears instead of crumpling to the ground to shed the mortal coil. The person is transported to the nearest village, hamlet, town or small city, taking the form of a typical peasant or yokel that the other residents recognize and are not alarmed by this person in their midst. The wearer of the ring has their same attributes but is now a peasant with an 75% chance of being found the first week after their transformation and a 55% chance the second week (providing anyone else knows about the ring and is looking for them). After this time the peasant must begin life again as a 0-level peasant. If found the peasant returns to their previous level and regains all abilities immediately.

Usable by: Anyone.

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