[New Magic Item] Cursing Mace

Cursing Mace

With a harsh laugh the dreadful knight brought his mace down upon Koram’s shield. The latter cringed and let out a strange yelp. The knight stood a moment and muttered a few words. Suddenly Koram’s head looked like that of a ram. Valance turned to run, but suddenly his bones seemed to become like jelly and he slumped to the ground. Navnen screamed as he shrank in size and took on the form of a bipedal ant about two feet tall.

Chalk appeared from nowhere suddenly and cast a spell that drew the dread knight into the earth, clawing and howling as he dropped his weapon to try not to be pulled underground.

‘Just in time,’ Valance said sarcastically.

‘I could have been later,’ quipped Chalk.

A weapon so hated it was allegedly destroyed twice (or at least three of these things exist). An enemy that knows someone is holding this mace will often try to use ranged weapons before closing in melee combat, at least if they are smart.

Benefit: This heavy mace, with its spiked steel ball and oaken handle is an intimidating weapon, dealing 1d8+2 points of damage in combat. Any time an ‘8’ is rolled on the die for damage the weapon’s wielder may choose to bestow a curse upon the target. This curse can either be random or the choice of the mace’s bearer. If the owner of the weapon rolls a result of ’20’ on a d20 to Hit and an ‘8’ for damage this causes a ‘curse splash’ that allows the weapon’s wielder to bestow 1d4 curses on the target and any extra curses on any suitable targets within 30′.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a mace.

Note: This log contains a fair number of suitable curses to use with this magic item.

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