[New Spell] Coming of Dawn

Coming of Dawn


Fellhorn looked at the gnome.

‘Sleeping again?’ the druid asked.

‘I believe it is a spell put on the little grub by that wizard that just escaped us,’ the elf replied.

‘We could use his sneakiness,’ grumbled the druid. ‘I’ll waste spell on him, I suppose.’

‘Wait,’ said the elf and removed a few gold coins from the gnome’s pocket.

‘Okay, go ahead. He owed me for that game at the last inn we stayed at.’

Fellhorn waved his hands and mumbled an incantation and the gnome sprang to his feet instantly, ready for a fight, but unaware that his pocket was lighter of gold.


Coming of Dawn (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 30’+5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

A simple druid spell that refreshes all in the vicinity and awakens any under the effects of a Sleep spell or potion or any type of Paralysis, but does not effect those who are magically Held or Charmed. Any who are freed by this spell are +1 on initiative the next round do to being ‘charged up’.

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