[New Spell] Names in Flames

Names in Flames


Valance suddenly leaped up and kicked the dirt on the fire, the flames flickered wildly then diminished.

‘Wasn’t that your name that appeared in the fire?’ one of the other gamblers asked.

The priest of the Spider God laughed nervously.

‘No, no, of course not.’

‘It was, right after someone asked who the Dice Cheat of Norgen was!’ exclaimed another gambler.

Valance looked around the crowd and saw many furrowed brows.

‘I’ll just be leaving,’ he said before scampering off and cursing whoever cast that spell.


Names in Flames (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level or until the fire is extinguished.

An illusionist spell that will leave the name of a person, place or thing in any fire or flame, from a campfire to a burning city in a color deeply contrasting with the flames. This can be clearly seen and read by any who can read and is often left as a marker, reminder, signature, threat or evidence to a particular situation.

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