[New Magic Item] Lammasu Amulet

Lammasu Amulet

The creature appeared in a cloud of inky blue smoke that matched its fur and feathers. A scowling human-like head with a crimson beard and mane turned to regard the princeling.

‘What may I do for you today, sire?’ the creature asked in a bored tone.

‘I shall need a ride to the nearby city of Okleberg and be discreet about it,’ answered the princeling.

With a smirk the great creature knelt and the young man drew himself up onto the lammasu’s back.

They flew for a trio of hours then saw the city ahead.

‘In the main square,’ shouted the princeling above the chill wind.

Dodging a couple of crossbow bolts from halfhearted city guards the creature landed in the city square. A crowd assembled, dazzled by the sudden appearance of the duo. One of the men, an ovious wizard of some skill and importance stepped forward.

‘But how…’ he began.

‘The kids got an amulet that controls me,’ the lammasu replied.

A nod from the archmage caused the nearby guardsmen to pull the princeling unceremoniously down.

The lammasu glared at the young royal.

‘Sorry, kid, the wizard has more potential,’ the creature said as the princeling howled in despair.

Normally kind and benevolent creatures, the lammasu that has been bound to this amulet so many centuries ago has become surly, mean and vindictive, not wanting to serve at the whim of lesser creatures. He is tricky and will do what he can to twist the intent of the amulet bearer’s words to his own ends.

Benefit: Bound ages ago, the lammasu within will, once per day, appear to assist the amulet’s owner. The creature can cast any magic-user or illusionist’s spell up to 3rd level once per day (in addition to the ability to Cure/Cause Wounds at double the effect twice per day) or can fight for the amulet bearer, with two attacks, each dealing 1d8 points of damage. The creature has 8HD and can move at 150′ (50′) and Fly at 180′ (80′). This creature is very intelligent and may answer questions about ancient times as well. Its blue plumage and fur with its often angry looking human-like face often cause it to be mistaken for a manticore, although it is far wiser than these creatures.

Usable by: Anyone.

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