[New Spell] My Face In Every Place

My Face In Every Place


The thief ran down the alley, a masked face with glaring eyes seemed to be projected on the nearby walls, fences, even the cobblestones below.

‘Where did you see the thief with Chalk and his companions?’ a voice whispered to the cutpurse.

‘I cannot say,’ the pilferer shouted to the images.

‘You will or the next face you see will be Stork’s’ the voice said.

The thief stopped dead in his tracks at the mention of the Sinister Sorcerer.

‘No,’ whispered the thief.

‘Oh yes,’ said another voice as Stork stepped from the shadows, smiling to reveal shark-like teeth.

The cutpurse cursed as the dagger he drew fell from his trembling hands and clanged against the cobblestones.

Stork advanced with an unearthly hiss.


My Face in Every Place (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 300’/level.

Duration: One turn/level.

This unsettling spell focuses on one target in the line of sight of the caster. Once cast the subject, if they fail a Save versus Spells at -1, is hounded by images of the face of the caster on up to four flat surfaces around the target. This creates a two-way communication system between caster and subject, and while the caster can only see and hear the target, the target can see and hear the caster and the world around them. Anyone near the caster can see the two dimensional image of the caster as it follows the subject. This disturbing spell causes those affected to be -2 on all rolls for the duration of the spell and any attempts to cast a spell require an Int or Wis (Arcane casters use Intelligence while Divine casters and Druids use Wisdom) attribute check at -2 before casting a spell. A failed attribute check means the spell fails. On a result of 5-6 on a subsequent d6 roll the spell backfires on the subject of this spell if applicable or reveals false information.

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