[New Magic Item] Bracers of Ghoul-kind

Bracers of Ghoul-kind

‘We can easily outwit these ghouls,’ Stork told Vistis the Blue Mage.

The illusionist nodded at the sorcerer. Moments later Vistis groaned as the touch of one of the ghouls paralyzed him and he dropped to the ground, immobile.

Stork blasted two of the quartet of these undead as their leader revealed himself. The sorcerer blinked.

‘Gorlo the Shifty?’ Stork asked.

The ghoul paused a moment.

‘Yes,’ the creature hissed. ‘Are you the wizard I worked with on the theft of the five chalices of the Forsaken Tower?’

‘Why yes,’ Stork replied.

‘Sorry about your friend in that case, he will come around in a few minutes,’ the ghoul said.

Stork nodded and the sorcerer and former thief caught up on old times.

A tricky magic item created by the Lords of Mischief, these magical bracers are a boon at first and very useful in combat (or when causing trouble) until time passes and one bears the full price of using these magic items.

Benefit: These magical bracers grant the wearer the ability to cause Paralysis as a ghoul does, by touch, for twice the normal duration while granting +2 to the wearer’s Armor Class. After four uses these bracers have a 50% chance (plus 10% after the fifth use) of transforming the wearer into a ghoul with 3HD (with the current Int and Wis intact) permanently (losing any spellcasting abilities if of a spellcasting class), unless a Remove Curse, Wish or Limited Wish spell is used to reverse the transformation. At this time the character’s Charisma drops by 3 points and he or she can be turned by a cleric as an undead creature. Transformed ghouls often lead a pack of 1d8 ghouls that sometimes act as a death cult.

Usable by: Anyone.

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