[New Magic Item] Potion of Possession

Potion of Possession

Stork snarled as the manticore he had summoned fell in combat to the knight. Silently the sorcerer slipped inside a secret passage and spied the carnage as the bloodied knight began dressing his wounds. With a sneer Stork uncorked a vial and drank a drought of the potion. Suddenly his soul became like a scarlet smoke that flew into the dead monster. Its eyes suddenly flickered with strange light as the manticore rose again.

The knight turned and grumbled in despair.

‘Not again.’

Sometimes known as the ‘Get revenge for me!’ potion, this magical concoction is a jealously guarded secret and hard to come by, but very useful.

Benefit: When imbibed this strange potion allows the drinker to animate the body of one dead creature. The soul of the drinker leaves their own body to take over the corpse. The body must be within line of sight. The magical nature of the potion gives the body full physical abilities (not magical) and half of the original hit dice (round down). This potion lasts for two turns (twenty minutes) or until the creature is destroyed, at which time the soul returns to the drinker of the potion.

Usable by: Anyone.

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