[New Magic Item] Amulet of the Green

Amulet of the Green

‘How long has Vishstrit been jailed?’ the king asked his head jailer.

‘Fourteen days, my lord,’ the jailer replied.

‘And still no confession?’

‘None, my lord, and he has not anything except water this entire time.’

‘I must have him tell me where the treasure map is,’ the king grumbled.

‘He must eat soon, my lord, he will break,’ said the jailer.

Vishstrit sat quietly in his cell below. He held an amulet close to his chest and mumbled an arcane word. An eerie transformation took place as the inmate slowly became plant-like, various shoots, stalks, bulbs and buds replacing his fleshy features.

With a green smile he reached up and touched the ray of sunlight coming in through the tiny window.

Possibly made by arch-druids, it is also thought to be created by a demigoddess of plants and nature to give to her faithful followers. Definitely a useful talisman in the right hands.

Benefit: An unusual amulet, usable twice per day, this magic item allows the bearer to become a plant version of themselves, with leaves, stalks, blooms and other floral pieces making up the body of the bearer. In this form the affected one need not eat, surviving on photosynthesis, although water at least every other day is a must. While movement is slowed by 10′, in plant form the subject does not need oxygen when submerged in water for up to one day, can blend into sufficient foliage with an 85% chance of not being detected (this drops to 70% when a druid or ranger are present) and being totally undetectable by nightvision or any similar means of vision that rely on heat. Each transformation lasts up to eight hours until the bearer of the amulet wills themselves back into flesh and blood form.

Note: Any magic affected plants will affect one under the magic of this amulet.

Usable by: Anyone.

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