[New Spell] Shadow Draggin’

Shadow Draggin’


Growling to intimidate, the lumbering ogre raised his oak club and advanced upon the trio of adventurers.

The gnome illusionist cast a spell before Fellhorn or the elf could react.

‘Raise a torch behind me!’ urged the small spellcaster.

The druid grabbed a limb from the fire and raised it above the gnome’s head.

Grumbling in anger the ogre stopped dead in its tracks, struggling to move forward.

‘What do we do now?’ asked the elf.

‘You can dispatch the ogre while we use his shadows to weigh him down,’ suggested the gnome.

The ogre tried to escape into the nearby pines, slowed by his own shadows that seemed to weigh him down as the campfire and the torch, from different angles, caused the ogre to cast two now burdensome shadows.


Shadow Draggin’ (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 10’+5”/level.

Duration: One turn/level.


Also known as ‘the Illusionist’s Curse’, this spell causes the target’s shadow to duplicate the weight of the target, thus adding instantly to their burden. A light source is required, and if two are available may be used to cast two shadows, thus tripling the total weight that the subject must bear. This obviously slows the target of the spell down and climbing is impossible. If the subject drops all carried weight each unencumbered shadow still counts as half of the total weight of the target.

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3 Responses to [New Spell] Shadow Draggin’

  1. I like this one. It’s very clever!

  2. frithkin says:

    Are these spells workable with swords and Wizardry white box ?

  3. bat says:

    @Bigfella-thank you kindly. 🙂
    @frithkin- Absolutely, I use them with it and B/X and even WhiteHack.

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