[New Magic Item] Jar of Hiding

Jar of Hiding

Glancing out the window the wizard Kazok gasped and put away his papers, hiding them securely, he then set a jar on his desk among several on a shelf.

Minutes later there was a jangling of the lock and three thieves quietly entered and began looking about the room.

‘Take nothing! We are just here for the wizard,’ one of the outlaws hissed.

Grumbling at this command the other two thieves looked around and shrugged.

‘We will catch up to him next time,’ the lead thief said and the three disappeared as quickly as they arrived.

After they left Kazok appeared from the magical jar he was hiding in on the shelf.

‘I really need to get out of this town,’ he said to himself.

One of the most useful magic items for a frugal traveler and a great way to avoid those pesky prices to stay a night at an inn. A small family of gnomes once lived in one of these jars for almost a week and two dwarf brothers routinely have used one of these magic items to avoid paying entery fees in towns, taking turns riding in the jar.

Benefit: This easily usable magic item allows an individual to hide safely within indefinitely the confines of this magical jar. Upon saying the password the individual (up to the size of an ogre) can comfortably fit inside. The lid must be loose for those inside to be able to leave, if the lid is somehow sealed or secured to the person inside is trapped within, although safely as one does not need to eat or drink while within and will never run out of clean air. A Detect Magic spell will reveal this as a magical item. The magic item is not meant to store things in unless the one hiding things has enough room to get inside and grab the items, otherwise they are lost and the magic item is rendered useless.

Usable by: Anyone.

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