[New Magic Item] Dragontooth Necklace

Dragontooth Necklace

The bandit bound the gnome’s hands securely with rope, then the hands of the elf and druid. He turned to tell the outlaw leader, shrugging off the soft snapping sound behind him as the struggling of captives.

Before the bandits knew it the three adventurers had recovered their weapons and escaped.
‘We should have considered working with them, they are slippery,’ grumbled the bandit leader as he surveyed the cut and frayed ropes.

Some time later the three adventurers stopped to rest, when they had gotten far enough to be confident the outlaws weren’t pursuing them.

‘That was amazing how you gnawed through your bindings like a rat,’ the elf said with a smirk.

‘You are free, aren’t you?’ the gnome asked the taller demi-human.

The elf sighed heavily.

‘Yes, and for that I am grateful,’ he said.

The gnome smiled triumphantly for once.

A single enchanted dragon’s tooth worn as a necklace that can give an adventurer an edge in combat and other sticky situations. Highly valuable, these are rare and not given out freely. Dragons and their minions tend to attack anyone wearing one of these necklaces with extreme prejudice.

Benefit: In addition to granting a toothy bite attack that deals 1d4+2 damage (giving the character one extra attack regardless of class/level limits) this also gives the wearer of the necklace a breath weapon, that while limited in range (3′) deals 1d6 damage and can cut through most ropes and vines. This breath weapon various by type of dragon (fire, acid, cold, etc) and is usable only once per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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