[New Magic Spell] Curse: Everyone Except You

Curse: Everyone Except You


Valance returned to the basement that the adventurers shared and tossed his malformed hat at a peg on the wall. If fell to the ground.

‘There’s a surprise,’ he grumbled.

‘Another curse?’ Koram asked.

‘Everybody took a turn winning at dice, even when I used my loaded dice,’ lamented the priest if the Spider God as he threw himself on the dusty sofa.

‘Hey, I won!’ exclaimed Navnen as he tossed his cards on the table.

Valance growled.

‘Maybe we can turn this to our advantage before having the curse lifted, if the rest of us are having good luck and you aren’t,’ Chalk said.

Valance stared at the ceiling as if ignoring the comment.

‘Like with gambling?’ suggested Chalk.

‘I’ll give you three days to make the best of this, then we get it removed,’ Valance said with a sigh.


Everyone Except You (Magic-User/Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Until dispelled or, subject gains an insanity, otherwise permanent.

One of the most unusual of curses, this curse doesn’t technically curse the subject, it just makes everyone around them lucky while leaving the cursed one in the dark. A +1 on all rolls, +2 to resist poisons and diseases and random lucky events are the norm for everyone within 30′ of the cursed, friend and foe alike. In time this grates on the nerves of the subject of the curse and and every month passed the third month that this is not dispelled there is a cumulative 10% chance of the cursed one gaining an insanity, usually Paranoia. As soon as the insanity is gained the curse ends. If a Remove Curse is cast those around the cursed one will lose the benefits of being near the target of the curse or the Paranoia will be cured if the curse has advanced to that state.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Spell] Curse: Everyone Except You

  1. When I first saw this entry I didn’t notice the colon, so I read it as “Curse Everybody But You”.

    Which made me think of that one Xmas episode of “Futurama” with the return of Santabot:
    “You’ve all been veerrry naughty! Except you, Zoidberg. You get a pogo stick.”

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