[New Magic Item] Talisman of Trailing

Talisman of Trailing

The mercenary Bakra-do paused for a moment and consulted the small talisman hanging from his neck. A faint glow made the man smile.

‘You bought good horses, thieves, but not fast horses, not faster than mine,’ he said into the wind.

Goading his steed a few feet forward caused the talisman to glow brighter and a thin trail of magical energy shot forward, pointing towards the stolen artifact that the mercenary had the presence of mind to attune to the talisman.

Bakra-do laughed and urged his mount along at a relaxed pace.

Created by a clever archmage, this magical talisman is both very handy and also quite frustrating if the tracked item goes outside the limits of the magic, although it is faultless within the radius of effect.

Benefit: A very handy magical item, the Talisman of Trailing must come into physical contact with any item that is not fixed to something else, the object must be freestanding and portable. A magic word is uttered at the time that the item is tapped and the item is ‘stored in the memory’ of the talisman. After this a thin trail of eldritch magic connects the magic item to the trailed object as long as the two items are within three miles of each other. If this distance is breached then the trail will disappear, although the two items are still connected and need to be brought within three miles again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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