[New Spell] Obscuring Ink

Obscuring Ink


A knock at the door caused everyone to jump. Not many friendly visitors knocked. Navnen peeked out the window.

‘Looks like a wizard of some kind, sort of hard to tell,’ he said.

Chalk cautiously opened the door, Koram behind him with a sword at the ready.

‘The Scholar of Wexos, it is good to see you! If you look a little bedraggled,’ Chalk said.

The illusionist shambled over to a chair and sat down.

‘Everything was going well until I cast that spell that stopped the ceremony, and then my rival, Vendos, opened up a bottle of inky slinkers and threw it at me, but I didn’t dispel my magic,’ he reported his tale, ending it with a grin.

‘What spell?’ Chalk asked.

‘It made the pages of the high priest’s book go dark with ink, I was paid to stop a wedding. Things went sideways when Vendos, working for the impoverished groom’s family, appeared,’ the illusionist answered.

‘You are safe now among friends,’ Koram said reassuringly.

‘This spell, sounds like we can make some coin with it,’ Valance pondered.


Obscuring Ink (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: 25’+5’/level

Duration: One day per level of caster until dispelled.

A favorite starting spell for illusionists, it is also used by more adept enchanters who want to make extra coin through questionable means or to halt another spellcaster or even the reading of a document. When cast this spell causes inky blotches to cover a document or the pages of a book, affecting only one item at a time, yet allowing the caster to clearly read the written work. Only a Dispel Magic (or a Limited Wish or Wish) will affect this spell so that others can read the writing again.

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