[New Magic Item] The Eye of Darmanto

Eye of Darmanto

The adventurers hovered over a map of the town.

‘Now the Chalice of Verin was last seen here,’ Chalk said, pointing to an area of the map.

Navnen slipped into the room as quietly as a thief does and crept up to the table.

‘Nevermind, it is gone,’ he said.

‘What? We need that to remove Valance’s curse!’ exclaimed Koram.

‘I realize this, but it is gone,’ the thief said.

‘How do you know?’ asked Chalk skeptically.

‘I paid the guildmaster to use the Eye of Darmanto and I took it where we last saw the chalice, with that priest of the sun. It was taken from him two days ago and isn’t in this town, the priest last saw it being taken by a man ona giant bat that flew north.’

‘Well that is not much to go on,; the wizard said.

Valance dropped his magically misshapen head onto the table and whimpered.

Koram patted the priest of the Spider God on the shoulder.

‘Don’t worry buddy, we will figure this out,’ the fighter said.

The lasting legacy of the archmage Darmanto, this artifact appears as a small silver triangle with a stylized eye in the middle. It is rumored that Darmanto made four of these devices and no more and the secret to their creation was lost when he passed beyond the Boundary of Tharecta and was never seen again.

Benefit: When this magic item is pressed to the forehead within 10′ of a subject the user of the Eye of Darmanto must close their eyes and concentrate on a particular object. The Eye will reveal where and when the subject has been in possession of the item in question, if ever, and if they still do.

Usable by: Anyone.

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