[New Spell] Same as it Never Was

Same as it Never Was


The adventurers readied themselves outside of the room, weapons and spells at hand.

‘The Chalice is supposed to be on the big table in the center of the room according to what I was told,’ Koram said to the others.

‘Let’s do this,’ Chalk said as he opened the door and they filed in. The table had three objects on it, none of which was a chalice or even a goblet, to any of the four.

As they looked puzzled members of the thieves guild began pouring into the room.

‘There goes my membership,’ mumbled Navnen.

‘I don’t see it!’ Valance yelled.

Chalk threw a spell at a group of thieves and focused on the table.

‘Hey, I don’t either,’ the wizard said.

‘Do we grab everything?’ Koram asked.

‘How do we carry the anvil?’ Chalk asked.

‘Anvil?’ the other three asked in unison.

‘Retreat!’ Navnen yelled as the adventurers slowly fought there way out of the room, which Chalk magically locked as the others started running down the hall.


Sames as it Never Was (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 25’x25’x25′ area

Duration: One day per level of caster until dispelled.

This illusionist’s curse affects an area instead of an individual. One object, usually an object of great value, but it can be of any importance (to someone) is enchanted, and all within the area other than the caster must make a save versus spells or see the object as something else. Sometimes two or more people will see the same thing (35% chance), but usually people see different things. Leaving the area of effect negates these affects on the object.

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