[New Magic Item] Bucket of Blagdross

Bucket of Blagdross

‘How are you going to keep the fish fresh to present to the prince?’ Fellhorn asked the gnome.

The latter pointed to the ornate pail on his head.

‘So that does more than protect your head and heat water for you to put your disgusting little feet in?’ asked the elf.

The gnome scowled and swore to douse the elf in ice cold water the first chance he got.

While a minor enchanted thing, this magic item has a variety of uses and has been a lifesaver on many an occasion. And it makes a handy helmet as well.

Benefit: Any fluids put into this gallon bucket will, at the direction if the bearer of the bucket, can become a solid block of ice for preserving something or a boiling bucket for cooking or scalding. The Ice will stay frozen for six hours, the boiling water will stay boiling for two hours. Also serves as a +1 helmet in dire situations.

Usable by: Anyone.

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