[New Monster] Polugar


Stork stood speechless for a moment as the half a dozen bipedal opossum creatures meandered around, chattering and yapping to themselves.

‘What exactly are these?’ he asked Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘Polugar,’ replied the illusionist in the heavily lacquered mask. ‘They are excellent guides by reputation and foragers and will help us greatly in getting through the Swamp Abysmal.’

Stork tipped his head to one side in contemplation.

‘Although in battle they do have a tendency to drop to the ground and pretend to be dead,’ Vistis added.

Stork grimaced, revealing his shark-like teeth.

‘If they do that I will consider them lunch!’

Suddenly all six of the opossum-folk fell quiet and stared at Stork in fear.

One panicked and fell to the ground, limp.

Stork smirked deeper.

The polugar, or opossum-folk are a strange race, hailing from deep forests and magical swamps (according to them). About as tall as a gnome these small humanoids are curious and get into everything, but are mostly harmless and scamper off if they feel they will e overwhelmed. Excellent thieves and con artists, the polugar like working the fringes of towns and villages and often avoid cities. The most annoying thing about these small creatures is their ability to Play Dead, dropping to the ground when under duress or when they feel extremely threatened; the polugar just freezes, drops everything and falls to the ground like a small sack of potatoes. However, if treated well and protected from harm these creatures make excellent guides through heavily wooded or swampy areas. Polugar speak Common and their own languages of barks and yapping.

Polugar: HD 1+4 AC 7[12]; AL:Neutral;Atk Weapon (1d6), Bite (1d4) or Claw (1d4+1) ; Move 10 ; Save 13; CL/XP 3/60; Special: Climb:Polugar are superb climbers, using their prehensile tails to assist them (+3 to any climbing related rolls), Play Dead: The opossum-folk have an uncanny ability to drop to the ground at convenient (for them) times, pretending to be dead, which convinces all creatures of Low and below intelligence to ignore them, no longer considering them a threat. Exceptional individuals will be able to cast spells, usually either illusionist or druidic.

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