[New Monster] Spell-derv


This time Stork looked more irritated.

‘As if those weird opossum things were not bad enough, now you have this?’

‘But this is different,’ suggested Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘A six-legged cat?’ Stork asked,

‘It holds spells, we can have it as a third caster,’ the illusionist replied.

‘And if it fails, can we eat it?’ Stork inquired, revealing his shark-like teeth.

Colors suddenly exploded in the faces of the two spellcasters, dazzling and bewildering them. The cat-like thing was gone.

Vistis signed behind his heavily lacquered mask.

‘You scared it off!’ he chided Stork.

‘Easily scared as that thing was how would it do with a gang of bugbears?’ Stork retorted.

‘It probably would not have run off knowing we were working together,’ grumbled the illusionist.

A somewhat annoying creature, the Spell-derv resembles a six-legged house-cat, usually a common tabby color. The six legs obviously make the creature stand out and these are sought after for their ability to hold magic for a spellcaster. The problem is, cats are sometimes aloof and if the Spell-derv gets away it will cast the magic it has held within it at will.

Spell-derv: HD 2+4 AC 6[13]; AL:Neutral;Atk Bite (1d4) or Claw (1d4) ; Move 13 ; Save 13; CL/XP 4/75; Special: Hold spells: A Spell-derv can retain up to four spells of up to six level and these intelligent animals hire themselves out to be companions to wizards and sorcerers, for safety and security these catlike creatures will have spells ready to cast at the spellcaster’s instruction. If things look too dangerous or the Spell-derv becomes bored it will probably wander off and cast the spells it has at its whim.

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