[New Spell] Shadowleaper



Navnen appeared behind Chalk suddenly, giving the wizard a fright.

‘How did you do that?’ Chalk asked.

‘Time travel?’ Valance suggested in the nearby cover of shadows.

‘No, a spell that cost me fifty gold coins, watch this,’ the thief replied and he ran forward in the shadow of the building and was suddenly across the courtyard and waving back at the other adventurers.

‘Why are we even here?’ Koram asked the others.

‘Do you think he’s not coming back with a bunch of screaming guards chasing him?’ the priest of the Spider God asked.

Chalk nodded sagely as he prepared a spell.


Shadowleaper (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until used.

A handy illusionist spell, Shadowleaper allows the caster or another he or she touches to be able to leap from one shadow to another, if the shadow being jumped into is within line of sight and can conceal the ‘leaper’. The numbers of leaps equals the caster’s level. This spell conveys movement from shadow to shadow only, it does not conceal or dampen sounds.

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