[New Spell] Grant Mutation

Grant Mutation


Navnen stood in the thief’s guild’s darkest chambers. A half a dozen others were in the room, including a strange looking wizard.

‘Dalmus!’ called the guildmaster.

Feet shuffled as one of the spindly thieves stepped forward. The guildmaster nodded to the wizard. A spell began, Dalmus fell to his knees, one shoulder contorting as the thief cried out. His right arm grew huge and clawed, like that of an ogre. Navnen’s eyes bulged. Dalmus collapsed completely to the floor as the guildmaster handed a bag to the wizard who nodded and then stepped back into the shadows.

‘This is not the price of failure, this is the reward for betrayal, for holding out on the guild, am I understood?’ the guildmaster asked the others as Dalmus whimpered on the floorboards.

Everyone nodded in fear.

‘Anyone can fail, betrayal begs for retribution,’ the guildmaster said gravely. ‘Begone!’

Without another word the others left as quietly as they could.


Grant Mutation (Magic-user)

Level 5

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent unless dispelled.

With this powerful spell a wizard can give a mundane individual (no creatures that are Fey, Elemental, or Extra-Planar or of other magical origin) size Small to Large a mutation of the wizard’s desire. This can be beneficial (such as a pair of wings) or detrimental (an oversized arm). Any good mutation should grant an ability, such as flight, or a boost to an attribute, detrimental will often slow a creature or make them hideous and deformed. Any creature that gains five or more mutations becomes a mindless creature that lashes out at all around them as a body is not meant to handle too many augmentations, even beneficial ones. No attributes may be boosted beyond +/-2. Remember that even seemingly beneficial mutations still alter that basic creature and may cause trouble among some and some hideous mutations may increase strength or dexterity. And then, some mutations may be merely cosmetic, only making the subject look different or strange to others. Any physical weapons, such as horns, claws, tusks, spikes, etc are handled as follows: Small creatures deal 1d4 points of damage, Medium deal 1d6 points of damage and Large creatures deal 1d6+2 points of damage with any modifiers for Strength added or subtracted from this.

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