[New Magic Item] Ring of Nature Spirit Communication

Ring of Nature Spirit Communication

As Fellhorn the druid and the elf watched, the gnome illusionist held a ring on his finger aloft and seemed to concentrate for a moment. No time later a strange face of rock appeared, with a furrowed brow, long nose and thin lips.

‘Who disturbs the Mountain King?’ the face asked in a dry, dusty voice.

‘I would know the safest way across your immensity, O King of the Mountain!’ the gnome replied.

‘And what is it to me?’ the Mountain King asked.

The small illusionist pulled a few coins of silver and bronze from his pocket and looked at his companions who grudgingly did the same. The face moved slightly to ponder over the coins.

‘May we return to you what is yours,’ the gnome said solemnly.

‘Wait until dusk, fireflies shall light your way,’ the Mountain King said.

‘With many thanks we will await their guidance,’ the gnome said as the Mountain King’s visage faded into the rocky wall of the mountain.

‘He is handy to keep around after all,’ Fellhorn said.

‘As useful as a gnome can be, I suppose,’ the elf replied.

Relics of elder times, these magic rings allow travelers to try to negotiate with various powers, while not always successful, sometimes a small chance is better than none.

Benefit: This magical ring allows the wearer, once per day, to speak to a nature spirit in the area for up to one turn (ten minutes). This causes the spirit to pause whatever action it is doing and speak with the ring’s wearer. For this period of time the wearer of the ring and the spirit will speak the same tongue and can take no violent action towards the other. This time can be used to clarify a problem, negotiate a bargain or even scheme a hasty retreat. Typical spirits are River Gods, Mountain Kings, Sylph Queens of the Air, Princesses of Fire and other spirits of an elemental nature.

Usable by: Anyone.

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