[New Magic Item] Wand of the Leech

Wand of the Leech

The young wizard, brimming with confidence, moved through the crowd, eyes on his target. He had practiced the word to control the wand in his hand many times. He took one more deep breath and then uttered that word while pointing the wand at his target.

Stork at once grimaced in pain, realizing that some detrimental magic had been cast upon him in the crowd. He glared from face to face, then he saw a look of abject fear. The wand snapped in his direction again. This time Stork’s eyes opened in pain and fear as he staggered.

‘I’ll eat your heart for this,’ the wizard snarled at the young magic-user.

The apprentice flicked the wand one more time and Stork howled in pain as he dropped to the cobblestones.

A flash of colors exploded in front of the young mage as Vistis appeared. Stork pointed a finger at his attacker.

‘You’d better be out of this town before I recover, or you won’t live to see another day,’ he hissed in agony.

Not wanting to have his heart or liver or anything else torn out and eaten by the sadistic magic-user the young wizard hastily packed and went on the run. The elation from the power he had stolen from Stork had at once ebbed and now flowed away, leaving him scared for his life.

Also known as the Wand of Weakening, this magical wand can drain a hardened warrior or rival spellcaster rather easily, rendering them weak and at the mercy of the magic item’s bearer.

Benefit: A Wand of the Leech of Leech Wand is a simple magical wand that allows the user to steal 1d4 hit points or Con points and apply to themselves. Any excessive hit points beyond the wand bearer’s maximum will expire within one turn (ten minutes). Usable three times per day, can be recharged: 1d3 recharges per spell of at least 2nd level. Range: 65′

Usable by: Anyone who can use a wand.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Wand of the Leech

  1. eltf177 says:

    Interesting. I’m guessing you can’t steal enough HP to kill the victim? And unless you need HP they are lost?
    Getting caught with one of these will probably prove very detrimental to one’s health in certain quarters…

    • bat says:

      Magic has it price. While you could kill or incapacitate a foe, being caught with one of these could bring about the same price from the law.

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