[New Magic Item] Spellbouncer Wand

Spellbouncer Wand

The wizard Stork yelped in surprise and fell to the floor, rolling and flailing as if he was attacked by unseen forces. Vistis the Blue Mage leaped up from the table in the tavern yet was unsure how to aid his adventuring companion.

‘What is it?’ Vistis asked.

As Stork composed himself he stood slowly.

‘It is Balgar’s Unseen Bite,’ replied Stork.

‘Isn’t that the spell you cast not long ago on….’ the illusionist began.

‘Yes!’ Stork hissed as he cut off Vistis, ‘and somehow the spell has been bounced back upon me.’

‘What will we do about this?’ the illusionist asked.

‘Make our way back to our little friend the snitch and see what happened,’ Stork snarled as he headed for the door through a bewildered crowd.

Vistis smiled under his lacquered mask, this was going to be vicious.

A strange and valuable magic wand that has confounded many a spellcaster in its day…if used in time.

Benefit: A most handy magical wand to have, this wand allows its owner to reflect any spell cast within the last hour either back at the caster or at another within line of sight (the original caster does not have to be in LoS), even if the spell has run its course. The wand’s bearer must make a Wisdom attribute role on a d20 for this magic to work. Usable three times per day.

Option: Instead of one hour the duration can be one hour per level of the wand’s owner.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a magical wand.

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