[New Spell] Knowing Where They Are Planted

Knowing Where They Are Planted


Chalk and the others caught up to Knat the Druidess as she was helping a small town ravaged by the local necromancer.

‘This doesn’t look like fun,’ the wizard said.

‘Especially when people ask about loved ones and I find out they are now undead,’ Knat replied.

‘What do you tell them?’

‘Whatever I think they can handle, but it gives me a good tally on the undead,’ she answered.


Knowing Where They Are Planted (Druid)

Level 2

Range: To target.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This spell allows the druid to know the exact location of a particular burial site by means of an arcane line that leads to the grave. If the being in question was cremated or their body otherwise destroyed the druid will also know, just as if a map is before the caster he or she will see a point on the map sparkle to reveal where the grave(s) are located. This spell can be very useful to determine the final resting place of bodies or to reveal if the deceased is in fact dead or has been raised from the dead (all options can be determined with this spell).

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