[New Magic Item] Comforting Cloak of St Ferris

Comforting Cloak of St. Ferris

‘A rare find, indeed, and in time, we may borrow this for a day,’ Chalk told Valance as he handed the colorful and well made cloak to the priest of the Spider God.

‘This is the one that removes curses?’ Valance asked as he took the cloak.

‘Yes, it is, we are very fortunate to be able to use this, especially the way you collect curses,’ the wizard replied.

Valance wrapped the cloak around himself and seemed to instantly improve.

‘Are you crying?’ Chalk asked the normally aloof and jaded cleric.

‘This cloak is the result of the sacrifice of someone very good, it is an honor to be able to free myself of the curse, that’s all,’ lied Valance as he tried to wipe a tear away. He recalled the tales of St Ferris and how he was lost too young in life.

St Wyatt Ferris was a courageous and kind adventurer, known for many good and noble deeds. Sadly this brave warrior passed on early in life, yet his cloak remains as an enduring and gentle reminder of his presence and the kindness he had for others in his heart.

Benefit: This magical cloak serves many purposes; the wearer will stay warm and dry in rainy or snowing conditions continually, in addition, once per day this cloak will heal the wearer or one other of 1d4 points of damage and once per day this cloak can Remove Curse on the wearer.

Usable by: Anyone.

Written in memory of Wyatt Ferris, a young man who has left this world too soon.

 #Play4Wyatt #WyattNPC

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