[New Spell] Astral Castle

Astral Castle


‘I thought this would be…..more grand,’ Valance said as he stood before the small stone building.

‘You could have donated more if you wanted an actual castle,’ Chalk said, ‘this will do for our purposes.’

Valance pointed at the sword at Koram’s side.

‘And are you bringing that Crystal Sword with you?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Yes, of course,’ the fighter answered.

‘So basically we will be drifting through the Astral plane in a rock hut and carrying a weapon that thousands of creatures would kill to reclaim because they hate losing one of these swords?’ Valance asked.

‘You worry too much. Navnen has rounded up a bunch of weapons and we will rendezvous on the edge of the Deep Astral with my mentor and be back in no time,’ Chalk said trying to reassure the priest.

Within a half an hour the small stone house was covered in a dozen wailing Astral Raiders trying to get at those within and get their magical sword back.

Valance looked over at Chalk and smirked just before the two began casting spells to rid themselves of the extra-planar menaces.


Astral Castle (Druid)

Level 7

Range: Touch

Duration: See below

This spell allows a druid to send a finished building into the Astral plane. While ‘castle’ is usually a stretch as most buildings would qualify as a ‘hut’, as long as the building has four walls, a ceiling and a floor attached it qualifies for this spell. As the building is being sent into the Astral the caster may decide if he or she wants to physically or astrally enter the Astral as well. The ‘castle’ is gently steered either by the caster or by anyone who has assumed ownership of the building. Note that while usually an extremely safe way to travel the Astral plane and keep a party together, creatures like the Astral Raiders (q.v.) look for any materials like wood and stone brought into their domain to build their titanic temples and monuments. Unless brought back by some force or issue those within stay indefinitely if they choose and sometimes magic-users pay druids to send a building for them into the Astral for research (or to hide).

Optional, suggested by a kind reader: The inside of this building is doubled in space from what it appears to be on the outside due to the transfer of material to the Astral plane.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Astral Castle

  1. Curious – why did you decide to make it a druid spell (rather than, say, magic user)?

    • bat says:

      I made it druid since this spell is taking material into the Astral plane instead of just going there, and since the material is natural, this class made sense to me and druids don’t have their own way there.

  2. B.W. Byars says:

    I really wanted a feature to be “bigger on the inside.”
    I love the opening vignette!

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