[New Magic Item] Eye of Glorp

Eye of Glorp

‘You waste coins on the stupidest things,’ the elf said to the gnome.

Smirking the gnome held the huge blue eye aloft. It became semi-transparent and flew off silently.

‘We will see,’ chuckled the gnome, amused by his own joke. Suddenly his smile became a frown.

‘Time to break camp and head for the mountains,’ the gnome said with urgency in his voice.

‘What is happening?’ Fellhorn the druid asked.

‘An army of gnolls, lead by something big and strange, coming in this direction, they don’t seem to know about us yet,’ replied the small illusionist.

The elf doused the fire and packed gear away hastily.

‘Okay, most of the time you waste coins on stupid things.’

Nobody is exactly sure who or what Glorp was, how many eyes Glorp had or what made a wizard enchant its eyes, but there have been at least a half a dozen individual eyes verified so far out in the wild or in a mage’s lair.

Benefit: This strange magic item is an eyeball about the size of a cantaloup that is covered in viscous slime. If held aloft in one hand the eye can be used as a Wizard’s Eye/Arcane Eye spell, becoming invisible and wandering off up to 150′ per level of the character, and relaying visual information to that person. In motion the eye is not entirely invisible and cannot pass through solid objects, but can squeeze through holes and cracks at list three inches in diameter or under doors with at least a one inch gap. In addition the eye can serve as a ‘watchdog’, keep an eye out while the possessor is asleep or otherwise engaged, any disturbance or intrusion and the eye will fly to its owner and hover before them. The eye has 6HD but does not engage in combat, it escapes to its owner as soon as it can.

Usable by: Anyone.

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