[New Magic Item] Fire Horn

Horn of Flames

‘This could be a bad idea, we aren’t sure what that thing will do, we just know it is magical,’ Fellhorn told the elf.

Holding the curved horn high the elf shrugged and blew as the dozen hobgoblins approached. Flame burst forth from the horn and engulfed the humanoids who screamed and struggled to retreat, many dropping weapons and shields trying to get away.

‘Not too bad,’ the druid told the elf.

‘You missed one,’ the gnome said sarcastically as a hobgoblin tried to choke the demi-human.

‘That one is yours,’ the elf replied as the gnome struggled. Fellhorn finally felt bad and struck the humanoid senseless with his staff.

Allegedly created for a king who wanted to have the breath of a great red dragon. This magical horn is useful in combat, but also very dangerous to wield, the Great Fire of Zhodis was started when this horn was used to burn some refuse.

Benefit: When winded, this horn bursts forth a magical flame like that is 75′ long and 5′ in diameter at the end of the horn. This gout of flame can be used three times per day and deals 2d12 points of damage. Naturally dragons do not like magic items like this and often hunt down the bearer if they hear that one of these magical horns is near.

Option: Other dragon breath weapons may be used. Not sure if anyone wants to try the bolt of lightning from the blue dragon while holding a metal horn.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Fire Horn

  1. killervp says:

    This one is fun- may have some fun with other dragon types.

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