[New Magic Item] Ring of Seal Stealing

Ring of Seal Stealing

Navnen concentrated on writing, Valance slipped into the room and tossed a ring onto the table that the thief was working at.

‘How did you score this?’ Navnen asked.

‘I don’t always lose at gambling, you know,’ the priest of the Spider God replied with a wry smile.

‘With this I think we can forge our way out of this mess,’ the thief said.

Chalk strolled up to the table.

‘You got that thing so we can excuse our way out of this thing that Valance got us into?’ the wizard asked.

‘Yes, at least he doesn’t always lose at gambling, thankfully, we might just pull this off.’

Valance grumbled quietly.

A forger’s dream, this ring is priceless in the right hands and a death sentence in most any town or city. Use with extreme caution.

Benefit: Three times per day this magical ring will duplicate any seal that is used as an official signature on a document or used to close an envelope with wax. The wearer must touch the person to duplicate his or her seal. The ring only stores one image at a time and this seal is 88% convincing as a legitimate seal. Note that this does not work for handwriting that might accompany the seal, only the seal (if any) is duplicated.

Usable by: Anyone.

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