[New Spell] Call Down From The Sky

Call Down From The Sky


The great blue dragon spiraled to the ground, growling angrily as it touched down. Suddenly lightning arced through the air, nearly hitting Chalk the wizard.

‘What did you think that thing was going to do when you grounded it?’ he shouted at Knat the druidess.

‘I don’t know, I was just trying out a new spell,’ she replied.

Lightning blasted a nearby hovel which burst into flames.

‘Dismiss it before that dragon kills us all!’ snarled Valance.

‘Okay, okay, I can, now that I know it works,’ Knat said.

Moments later the dragon tried to fly again and lifted off of the ground. It snapped off another bolt of lightning before it flew away.

‘You could have tried that out on a bird, you know,’ Koram said, composing himself after the close call.


Call Down From The Sky (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 60’/level

Duration: One turn per level of caster or until dispelled.

Considered a dastardly spell by some, this druid spells allows the caster to force one flying creature or person to land immediately for the duration of the spell, a standard Saving Throw applies. If the flying person is under the effects of a Fly spell the spell’s duration ‘freezes’ during the duration of this spell and continues after Call Down From The Sky lapses. Once grounded the flier is in no other way hindered from moving, it just is earthbound for the duration of the spell.

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