[New Magic Item] Pyxis of Shadows

Pyxis of Shadows

Stork snarled as the creature hissed. The sorcerer drew a silvery glowing knife and slashed at the thing which instantly tried to dodge the blade. With a howl it raked at Stork with its claws.

Vistis the Blue Mage cast a spell that caused the light to get blindingly intense for a moment, which froze the shadow and revealed two of its cohorts, both of which were also frozen by the glare.

Casually Stork strolled forward and dispatched the creatures with his magical dagger.

‘You could have warned me about that light,’ Stork said as he squinted.

‘I could have and then they would have been warned, shadows are not stupid, just creepy,’ Vistis replied.

‘Chalk and his idiot friends would not have sent them,’ Stork mused. ‘I wonder who would have had the guts to?’

‘Instead of speculating we should prepare for more of these sinister visitors, I doubt these will be the last we encounter, we might have a day or two to prepare,’ Vistis replied.

Stork frowned. The illusionist was right.

Considered a major artifact, the pyxis is an ornate container made of smoky gray wood that seems to have ghostly images creeping along its shiny surface. Use with caution as more than one owner of this magical item has had the creatures within ordered to attack their master by an irritated wizard.

Benefit: When opened this small chest frees three shadows from confinement. These dusky monsters will obey their master and spy on or attack anyone the container’s owner wishes or the shadows may be ordered to act as bodyguards or messengers too, threatening or informing in raspy, dry voices bereft of emotion. Shadows remain free as long as the pyxis’ owner wishes, any defeated shadows take 1d4 days to recover within their gloomy container.

Usable by: Anyone.

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