[New Spell] Bestial Henchman

Bestial Henchman


‘We are getting strange looks,’ Valance whispered to Chalk as they walked through the market with a curious ogre in tow.

‘The scroll was cheap enough,’ the wizard replied.

‘I see why,’ Navnen added with a smirk.

A thundering crash behind them and many gasps caused the adventurers to turn around.

‘Vodge! Why?’ Chalk yelled at the ogre.

‘Sorry, you made me smart, but no extra dexterity,’ the ogre said as he shrugged. ‘Everything is made for humans, not ogres.’

‘We’d better go before this gets out of hand,’ Valance suggested.

Chalk sighed heavily, his wordless way of conceding.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the apples he stole,’ Koram added.

‘Didn’t make me good, either,’ the ogre said with a smile as he tossed an apple into his maw.


Bestial Henchman (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: See below

This strange spell allows the caster to grant higher intelligence to creatures of the humanoid classification (creatures such as beastmen, goblins, orcs, ogres and up to trolls qualify for purposes of this spell, but not giants). The wizard must touch the creature and if the creature fails a save versus Spells then it suddenly has average human intelligence (9) and can use tools, weapons and armor proficiently. The downside for the creature is that this spell also acts as a Charm spell and the monster will not harm the caster and will in fact act as a hireling or henchman for the caster of the spell. A magic-user may not have more than a trio of such creatures at a time, and the spell lasts as long as the enchanted creature wishes it to. While it is often beneficial to serve a wizard, some creatures would rather be free.

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