[New Spell] I Was Drawn Here

I Was Drawn Here


Bakra-do reluctantly paid the sorcerer for his magic. The two made a deal and the wizard drew a hasty, if somewhat accurate, portrayal of the mercenary. The two parted ways and the wizard summoned a crow and tied the small scroll to the bird’s leg and sent it flying to its destination.

Three days later the crow circled around the town of Zorn and landed on the open windowsill of a tavern. Without hesitation the bird strolled in and hopped on a table just inside the window,

‘How odd,’ Koram said.

‘That bird has something on his leg, a message perhaps,’ Navnen said between sips of stew.

Cautiously Chalk removed the small bit of parchment and unfolded it. The mercenary appeared next to the table.

‘Great timing, I’m famished,’ exclaimed Bakra-do. ‘Where’s Valance?’

Almost in answer a scream was heard from outside the tavern.

‘On his way, scaring the locals with giant spiders from the sounds of it,’ Chalk answered.


I Was Drawn Here (Magic-user)

Level 4

Range: Self or touch.

Duration: See below

The cheapest and most unreliable form of teleportation, I Was Drawn Here takes a drawing of either the caster or someone that the mage drew onto a scroll and sends the image to a specific recipient. When this particular person unrolls the scroll the person teleports before him or her (within 10′). While it does work, a lot of bad timing situations can happen, not to mention the courier being slain or detained in the process, the scroll being lost, burned or confiscated, etc. If none of these situations arise then the spell works as planned (77% chance, give or take a few percent based upon any situational modifiers). While the scroll is in transit the person rendered upon it may go about their daily life and they will get a ‘two minute warning’ before the message is delivered to the recipient.

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3 Responses to [New Spell] I Was Drawn Here

  1. eltf177 says:

    This sounds like a great way to scatter a party. I’d love to see someone get their “two-minute warning” and find themselves in a very nasty torture chamber when the message was intercepted by someone with a real grudge to bear,,,

  2. Cool new spell. I’m an old 2ed gamer and would make it 4th level (as Teleportation is 5th) and wouldn’t give any warning (how would they know and why should they?). I think it would add to the uncertainty and/or potential inconvenience. Imagine if something hostile finds the image and unrolls it. Of course, they might be just as surprised to have an unexpected visitor. Thanks

    • bat says:

      Thank you for the reply and you are correct, this should be fourth level. I saw that Teleport was 5th and still made this one fifth and it does not have the certainty of a regular Teleport. Thank you for the feedback!

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