[New Magic Item] Pixies in Crystal

Pixies in Crystal

‘Seems a shame that someone put these little folks in these crystal balls,’ Fellhorn the druid said as he lifted a clear crystal globe up and stared at the pixie trapped within.

‘If you feel so bad about it you could be freeing them faster,’ the elf ranger said nonchalantly.

‘We have gotten threw this dismal bog because I have used these things sparingly,’ the druid replied.’We only found five of these globes hidden in that stash.’

‘These are our distant relatives,’ the gnome illusionist grumbled.

‘For once, I agree with the runt,’ the elf quipped.

The gnome begrudgingly shot the elf a half smile.

‘Oh very well, but I don’t want to hear any complaining if bog trolls ambush us and we don’t have any extra magic to combat them!’ shouted Fellhorn as he tossed the last of the crystal globes at his companions. Each caught one, eyed the other and broke one on the ground.

‘We’d like to be invisible,’ the elf said to the two pixies that emerged from the magical fog of the broken crystal balls.

With a squeak the elf and gnome disappeared and left Fellhorn wailing for justice.

Until the bog trolls appeared.

Entombed alive by an evil wizard, a small village of pixies seemingly disappeared overnight. Their gnome neighbors raised the alarm, but no trace of these small fey creatures was found until odd crystal balls appeared here and there in treasure hoards, each containing a pixie, trapped alive yet motionless with a round globe of crystal.

Benefit: Breaking one of these clear crystal globes free the pixie within and this freedom compels the fey creature to use one of its natural abilities to aid his or her benefactor. Once freed the pixie will do one of the following for an evil character, up to three for a neutral character and two for a good character.:

  • Turn a single person invisible for 10 turns or until they attack another.

  • Polymorph another as a Polymorph Other spell as the other wishes, duration is permanent until dispelled.

  • Will create detailed illusions with audio and visual components that last for one day.

  • Cast Know Alignment for their benefactor.

  • Dispel Magic as the spell as an 8th level caster on behalf of the one who freed them.

  • Cast Dancing Lights for their liberator.

  • Remove Curse for their benefactor or another indicated by the benefactor.

After the pixie has performed this magic for the one who liberated them the fey is free to go and they usually flee evil creatures but have been known to continue following Lawful or Neutral characters or parties for up to one week, after which these small fey often get bored and venture off on their own adventures.

Usable by: Anyone.

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