[New Magic Item] Barrow Candle

Barrow Candle

‘There are skeletons everywhere,’ lamented Chalk. ‘We are never getting out of here.’

‘Don’t panic,’ Navnen said as he retrieved a large candle from under his cloak.

‘You’ve been packing that the entire time?’ Koram asked as he regarded the arm sized candle.

‘I knew there were undead around and paid a lot for this,’ the thief replied. ‘The problem is its radius will extend farther than I like.’

‘What will that do?’ Valance asked as he helped the thief light the candle.

‘Draw in any more undead out there in the dark,’ Navnen replied.

The eerie candle glowed brighter than a normal candle and moments later an ominous scraping could be heard.

Koram drew a sword.

Navnen put up his hand.

‘No, don’t attack them! They will defend themselves, but not attack,’ he said.

In no time a handful of skeletons appeared.

‘Loot away, gentlemen!’ Navnen said. ‘We are safe from them until dawn.’

Just then something fluttered in front of the thief, a smoky black cape.

A vampire was drawn to the candle and stood dazed among the other undead.

‘By next sundown you’d better be far away,’ the vampire warned them with an evil glare in its eye.

‘Great, just great,’ moped Chalk.

Created by a vile necromancer many ages ago, this magical candle now is used by thieves to draw undead guardians from treasure vaults or to lure undead from any area by adventurers for a variety of reasons, although necromancers do use these candles to draw in undead to command.

Benefit: When lit this massive candle (often as big as a halfing’s leg) will draw undead beings to it. Skeletons, zombies and other mindless undead that are already animated in the area will be drawn without save, other undead receive a save at -2, feeling the draw of this candle. Range is a 20′ diameter radius that doubles every other round for ten rounds (640′ ultimately) and lasts for four hours or until daybreak, when the undead return to wear they were originally. Undead that are other the power of the candle may defend but will not initiate attacks. Note that this spell affects undead that are already mobile, it does not animate dead bodies.

Usable by: Anyone.

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